Statue Restoration & Gold Leaf Details

Statue Restoration& Gold Leaf Work

Statue Restoration & Gold Leaf Details At St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny We carried out extensive repair, restoration and re-painting work on the two statues situated in the sanctuary at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, and also applied the gold leaf motif, visible on the walls behind. The beautifully detailed ceiling above…

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Graining of Ceiling Timbers.

Ceiling beams after the application of graining technique.

Graining Project Moneenroe Church, Co. Kilkenny The supporting timbers of the vaulted ceiling span at Moneenroe Church, Moneenroe, Co. Kilkenny, had long since been painted over, with single colour coatings. The beams had lost all the character and uniqueness that they had once boasted, when in their natural state. Our…

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Moneenroe Church, Co. Kilkenny.


Complimentary Colours Highlighting A Stained Glass Window Moneenroe Church, Co. Kilkenny The stained glass windows of this church at Moneenroe, Kilkenny, were designed by the famous Irish stained glass artist and illustrator, Harry Clarke. Naturally there was a huge desire and emphasis that we chose suitable and complimentary colours to…

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Blessed Sacrament Church, Kilkenny.

Church Painting Kilkenny by O'Brien Bros. Co. Laois

Restoration Of Blessed Sacrament Church. St. Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny. The Blessed Sacrament Church which is situated below St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny City, was in a ruinous state when we began work on its restoration project. Below is an image gallery which briefly depicts the transformation, from its dilapidated condition…

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