Station Of The Cross – Restored

Restoration of Station of the Cross.

From St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny.


We recently restored and re-painted another of the Stations of the Cross that hang inside Kilkenny’s wonderful, St. Mary’s Cathedral. The enormous paintings in the series depicting Jesus on the day of the Crucifixion, were in urgent need of repair and restoration treatments.
During the course of our renewal work we were reminded of not just the spiritual value of the Station, but also its historical significance, as an artifact of Kilkenny Cathedral.
On the reverse of the frame we discovered details of those who had previously worked on and painted the piece, dated 1898. Despite being written long over a century ago, the words were still clearly visible, and were penned by Power Brothers, from High Street, Kilkenny. (See Gallery Below)


Once the Station of the Cross has been fully restored, the cautious task of transporting it back to St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny gets under way. It is a three man effort to safely lift and firmly secure the piece for it’s journey, and when we arrive at the Cathedral, every caution is taken in getting it safely back inside the building.
Scaffolding is then erected and the rejuvenated Station is returned to its former position, and indeed glory, on the Cathedral wall.

The cycle begins again.

With the restored Station now safely reinstated and secured, the scaffolding frame is moved, in order to facilitate the removal of another Station, which will be taken away with us, and will undergo the same intricate restoration process.
You will notice from the images below, the time worn deterioration of  the oil painted image, the canvas and the framework.


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