Station Of The Cross – Restoration Work.

Station of the Cross returned to St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Restorative work completed.

In September of this year O’Brien Bros. completed the restoration of one of the Stations of the Cross, that hang inside the most wonderful St. Mary’s Cathedral, in Kilkenny city.
When the Station was returned and rehung, another was removed, which we took away with us, and the restorative work began anew.

Returning with Station of the Cross in September.

This particular Station posed an added challenge, as the painting’s canvas was torn and shredded near the base of the image. However, this week after plenty of endeavour, the piece was fully restored and returned to the Cathedral.
With the careful process of safely placing and securing the Station inside a closed trailer completed, we headed for Kilkenny. Unfortunately the weather was not favourable, and heavy rain fell throughout the morning.

Having manoeuvred as close as possible to the Cathedral’s entrance, we carried the Station inside, and placed it against the side aisle’s wall, beneath the space where it would be reinstated.
Scaffolding was then erected at this point, and the rejuvenated Station was lifted and rehung. It’s restoration to it’s former glory clearly emanated as it hung beside those Stations yet to be restored.
The restoration and repair of the series of Stations of the Cross is of course an ongoing project, and part of the huge Restoration Project undertaken by the Cathedral, and as we left we brought with us yet another of the pieces to be restored.

Station Of The Cross – Restored

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